Trigger on experation reminder state


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: source ubuntu 16.04
  • Operating system: windows
  • Browser + version: edge

Expected behavior:

  • Reminder should be sent to the owner of a ticket when defined “send reminder” time has been reached.

  • Tried with a trigger that checks for tickets with a “send reminder” state, that is in the queue till either a minute ago or with a minute to go however have not been successful. Trigger is not activated, however this probably caused by the conditionals I added.
    Also tried trigger at a change. The trigger at a change gave notifications at every change, which can be expected, however not at the reaching of the reminder time.

Actual behavior:

  • The state of the ticket “changes”, black to orange, but no reminder of the time being reached is send

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a ticket with a pending reminder time
  • Allow this to be exceeded, no reminder is being sent, trigger is not being activated.

Should the send reminder send reminders without a trigger?
If not, is it possible to have trigger that triggers when the send reminder time has been reached?

I saw one earlier post on the forum that describes using the scheduler to perform this task but we would prefer having this done per ticket when the time is exceeded.

Okay, so I think that I know why it won’t work. The reaching of the pending reminder time does not update the ticket in the same way that saving it does. So reaching of the time out time does not change anything, notably, correct me if I am wrong. When creating a ticket with the relative time out as the same time that the trigger “waits” for, waiting is not the right word, the trigger is triggered.

After looking further I found that the reminder should be send when the notification is activated, again correct me if misunderstood the thread.

The notifications should already be enabled however are not received.

That’s correct.
The only way in this case is to use schedulers.

Technically the ticket “updates” upon a reached pending state, but not in terms that the trigger means.
In your case you want to notify your agent - that’s basic behaviour of Zammad and thus a scheduler job shouldn’t be needed. ²

That’s correct.
This will need Zammad being able to send mails.

Failing this task can have several reasons which I can’t cover without further information.
You can check your notification account within Admin-Settings -> E-Mail (Channel). It’s the last entry.

  • if SMTP
    • ensure that the authentication is successfull and Zammad can communicate with your mail server
    • checking your mail server logs might help identifying possible issues here
  • if sendmail
    • ensure your Zammad-Servers allows sendmail sending and that (whatever the source is) can work with what it gets

Please also note that agents can choose to not receive those mails which might be the case here.
Also, you’ll need to be the owner (by default settings) to receive these messages.

² just as a remark: 
In very rare use cases you might want to take the option to 
your agents to unsubscribe from those mails. In my humbe opinion however 
this should be a last resort. :-)

Thank you for the clarification, currently I am simply testing and do not want to bother our service department. If I want to see if I can receive the notifications should my email be included in the email accounts or notification section? The latter kind of has me worrying as it requires me to add an account of sorts… Or is this reversible and indeed where I should enter my email address?

[EDIT] Nevermind was not looking properly [/EDIT]

After talking to the service department it became apparent that the notifications that should be passed when a ticket is created, pending reminder expires etc has been manually solved using the triggers. I am now thinking that the setup of the email notifications has not been conducted properly. I recon we will need to investigate this internally.

Thank you for the help.

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Thumbs pressed for finding the issue :slight_smile:

You can, at any time, change how Zammad sends notifications.
You can not just switch from SMTP to sendmail (and other way around), but also change the used account if running SMTP. :slight_smile:

Another hint: You might also want to check E-Mail (Settings tab) for the notification sender. Zammad will use the FQDN by default, this might be wrong in your case.

Still struggling sadly.

Can I take from this that the notification email and the accounts both need to be configured with the same, either SMTP or sendmail? Or is this not relevant?

The agent needs a valid E-Mail-Address that Zammad can mails to, but this has nothing to do with notifications or triggers on Zammad side.

Notifications require a valid notification channel (either SMTP or sendmail).

Trigger need a working E-Mail-Channel (not notification sender) and an assigned E-Mail-Address within the Group that’s affected.

Except for mail settings, the following documentation pages should help further

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