Trigger Http Post Action

Within triggers or schedules it would be good to have the ability to sent a http post as an action. This would make it easy to synchronise with other systems e.g. CRM.

This could use dome sort of standard json format or be customised using placeholders.

The target endpoint address could be configurable in the settings so that it is easily reused.


It would be great if we could do something similar to this within Zammad.

How are peple currently synchronising data from Zammad to other systems? E.g. CRM systems? Is there already some functionality that would allow this?

The only way that I can think of is to poll/query Zammad periodically to look for relevant changes.

Users that require synchronization between crm and Zammad that I do know do exactly that.
Either via API or (may less preferred way) via direct database access.

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