Trigger for empty emails

Hello! I am trying to create a trigger for empty emails received via email. The idea is to set a trigger for emails that have no subject and body text. Such emails/users should receive an auto reply to provide more details. I am unsure about how to do it and would appreciate some help!

Hello @Uswa ,

you can achieve the desired effect with filters and some clever regex magic: Filters — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation


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Regarding the empty subject: we use a Postmaster Filter based on this post.


Thank you for the reply! I am new to Zammad and the tag part is still a bit unclear to me. Do I need to create a tag for empty emails and a trigger first and then use this filter?

That depends. If you just want to add a tag and nothing else (like we currently do), you need to create the tag first and then create this Postmaster Filter. And if you want to do other things as well, you could add Triggers based on tickets having this tag.

It all depends on what you want to do with these types of tickets, which is probably dependent on how often these situations occur.


and once i create this filter, I can send automated email replies to users who have sent empty emails with no content and subject?

Mentioning again that I need this to work for emails that have both empty subject and body

You’ll need to find out how to match on empty e-mail bodies yourself. We don’t have that problem so we don’t have any automation on that.

I would suggest to not combine this into a single filter, but create separate Postmaster Filters (and Tags) for both the empty subjects and empty bodies. You can create separate matching Triggers for each individual situation as well, and a combined Trigger for all. You will be able to create more fine-grained solutions for handling these specific situations.

I made the trigger work for empty subjects but when i add the tags for empty body and empty subject together in the same trigger it doesnt seem to be working

Thank you so much for the help! I figured how to make it work

Hi @Uswa ,

do you mind sharing your solution?