Trigger Conditions: Allow fields to be used more than once


Triggers don’t currently allow a field to be referenced any more than once. Once you select a field, it becomes greyed out when configuring additional conditions. This limits the potential power of triggers. For example, if I want to send an email if the “State” field “has changed”, but only if the state field has been changed to “closed”, I can’t currently do that. I can also think of plenty of use other use cases such as checking if a field “contains” some value but excluding it if it “contains” some other value, or if a field is greater than but less than some value.

Is there a technical reason behind this limitation, or otherwise what is the rationale?

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Looks like this may have already be raised 4 years ago: Make conditions AND/OR and thus enable several conditions of same type · Issue #2185 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

Shame it still hasn’t happened.