Trigger and core workflows

Hello, tell me please what is the difference between trigger and core workflows?

Hi, if I understood it correctly, triggers come into play when the criteria changes at data level (e.g. when persisted to the DB). Core workflows work on the UI only, so when something changes on the web interface (e.g. a dropdown value selected).

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Trigger (big button Description)
Every time a customer creates a new ticket, they automatically receive a confirmation email to assure them that their issue has been submitted successfully. This behavior is built into Zammad, but it’s also highly customizable, and you can set up other automated actions just like it.

Maybe you want to set a higher priority on any ticket with the word “urgent” in the title. Maybe you want to avoid sending auto-reply emails to customers from certain organizations. Maybe you want mark a ticket as “pending” whenever someone adds an internal note to a ticket.

Whatever it is, you can do it with triggers: actions that watch tickets for certain changes, and then fire off whenever those changes occur.

Core workflow, just text in your screen…

Workflows Management

Core Workflows are actions or constraints on selections in forms. Depending on an action, it is possible to hide or restrict fields or to change the obligation to fill them in.

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