Trigger an auto reply depending on public holiday


when serving customers around the globe not everyone is bound to the same public holidays and of course not everyone is aware of certain public holidays. So it would be great, if it would be possible to send auto replies based on the public holidays in the different calendars.

I am running version 3.2. In the trigger section I would like to be able to select the creation date to fall into the public holidays of a certain calendar to send corresponding responses. “Unfortunately we can not respond today due to a public holiday…”.

I might also be interesting to send an auto reply based on the actual time of the certain calender.
“You sending the email outside of our support time. We will answer you tomorrow at 7:42am…”

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I support this request

I also look forward to a holiday-auto-reply-function that triggers automatic mail replies on tickets that receive new answers or newly created tickets triggered by customer emails.

You may want to have a look at Zammad 3.3 which indeed can filter for working hour or not.

Thank you MrGeneration. We are already running 3.3, but it doesn’t account for special dates during the year that are regular holidays (meaning that we would have to set up manual auto-replies, and they would continue on until deactivated).
Any ideas for a workaround? Do you have experience with triggers? Triggers seem to cause problems here often, as they don’t do what we set them up to doing.

I see, then that’s not covered by the current functionality, you’re right - sorry.

No valueable workaround for this, sorry.

I hope so as a Zammad Consultant.
I suggest an independent thread though.

I am tasked with setting up auto-reply-functions for our Zammad-system. We’re already using a trigger set up like this:
Action is created
State is not closed
Type is email
Sender is Customer
Group is (the group we have created for one of our products)
Email, public, set to no receiver in particular.

This trigger seems to work well, and I receive auto-mails when writing to the mail-address connected to the trigger/the group in question.

I set up another trigger just like it, but without getting any auto-mail back. I set up an alternative calendar for this purpose, one that has opening hours from 0:00 to 0:01, and started the new trigger with the condition “Calendar is not in working time” (and then I chose the newly created calendar).

The trigger should be triggered when a customer sends a mail to us on a national public holiday, but shouldn’t be triggered when our support opening hours are over, and neither in the weekends.

What is it that I am doing wrong?

Sorry but I can’t reproduce this issues.
This is proberbly an incorrect configuration of your trigger, email channel or group.

Your production logfile might help you further in this regard.
Please note that you’re currently recycling the feature request of this functionality which will possibly give people a hard time if they have a similare issue.

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