Translation udpates

So I’m bit confused, no 5.1 version yet but does the push button work?
Do you get updated translations to Zammad?

Also please bear in mind not every bit of Zammad can be translated.
For example when you go to Text Modules tab there’s a bunch of sentences I can’t find in Translation module.

Sorry I can’t clear filter out the question.

Zammad 5.1 is not yet released - we also never stated it would be.
We’re working on improving translations, waiting for 5.1 will solve a lot of issues in that regard.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’d like to contribute by updating translations and I don’t know how can I send them to you.


Also I could send you transalated erb files but I don’t know where to.

Translations are not stored in some source files but life in your instances database.
As I pointed out in another post (I believe you were involved too) there are, as of now, some thing’s that can’t be translated yet.

We’re working on solving these issues with Zammad 5.1.
Please understand that text modules are not part of this.

If you want several languages for the same text module content, you’ll need to create independent ones.

Regarding on how to translate:
Please wait for official announcements that are upcoming.

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