Translating description


How can I translate the @description in The string is shown in the menu Manage/SLA. The original text is:

" **Service Level Agreements**  , abbreviated  **SLAs**  , help you to meet certain customers' time-related responses. Thus, for example, you can say customers should always get a response from you after 8 hours at the latest. In the event of an imminent violation or a breach, Zammad will alert you to such events.

It can be  **response time**  (time between the creation of a ticket and the first reaction of an agent),  **update time**  (time between a customer's request and an agent's reaction) and  **solution time**  (time between creation and closing a ticket ) To be defined.

Any violations are displayed in a separate view in the overviews. You can also configure  **e-mail notifications**  ."


You currently can’t translate this text without changing the source file (not update safe).
Our devs didn’t find a good way do to that yet. @thorsteneckel surely has this on his map already :slight_smile:

As described in this issue Zammad currently lacks of a technical solution for this. Providing translations for all of these texts will send a lot of data to the browser of each user. This will slow down Zammad and the Browser and therefore leads to a bad UX. Until we have a proper solution in place we will stick to english descriptions for now. Help appreciated!

Ok. Thanks for the answers.

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