Trace call incoming automatically

Hi, i need a possibility to track all incoming call opening a ticket automatically. I explain better my request:

  • I receive a call on my number
  • zammad open a ticket and used, if there is, a customer informazion
    I think zammad already has this feature for sipgate but i need to connect to cisco HCS+immagicle suite

I have the possibility to pay this development.
Thank you


Hi @ghido

do you want to “open” a pre filled ticket create screen? Or you want to create a ticket automatically/directly?


And can this cisco HCS+immagicle push events to Zammad via http?

Hi, i need to open a pre filled ticket create screen. i think Cisco HCS can push event via jabber but i’m not sure.

Both is good. :slight_smile: Can you check if Cisco HCS can push it via jabber? Also an example payload would be fine. :nerd_face:

Hi, i search and i found this guide for connect HCS to “generic” webpage using jabber (already installed on out help desk system)

can help us?

Did you ever come to a conclusion here?

Hi @ghido

I did some research, it’s not easy to parse jabber messages… so with normal/regular http calls (form data or JSON) it would work fine.

Can Cisco push the events this way too?


Hi @TorstenS

what telephone system do you want to connect with Zammad?


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