Timestamp of Trigger in webfrontend

Hey hey,
I’m not sure if this is really a feature request or already possible. When Triggers take action, (e.g. mails will be sent).
The occurrence of a triggered action is displayed in the zoom view of the ticket like this:


It would be really helpful to have a proper timestamp at hand when the trigger took place in order to review actions of a ticket.


Any idea how this could be achieved?
Thanks for your help.

Sorry for asking:

Are you talking about the ticket zoom where you read the ticket content or the ticket history?
Both parts are working as expected at my end - when I hover the time information I get date & time in detail.

What version of zammad are you using, what elasticsearch version, postresql / mysql and OS?
Also, it could be usefull to know the translation / language you are using as German and Englisch work fine on my site.


Hey hey,
thanks for your reply. And no worries about your questions.

Yes, I do mean the main ticket view where you can add a new comment and also see the history. When submitting a comment I do see a relative date that I can hover to see the exact date stamp.

But I would love to see this for our “mail” triggers as well. So one can exactly see when the ticket got auto-closed by a trigger and the notification was sent to the customer.

Some version information you requested:
OS: CentOS 7.4
Zammad: 2.4.0
Elasticsearch: 5.6.8
Postgresql: 9.2.23
English as only language

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