TimeCamp not working as advertisted

  • Used Zammad version: 5.4.0-1679060437.72d0b369.bullseye
  • Used Zammad installation type:: package
  • Operating system: debian
  • Browser + version: edge

Expected behavior:

  • TimeCamp Button to show up

Actual behavior:

  • nothing shows up, no interaction with timecamp is possible, just the use of the normal timecamp addon

When u look at the Zammad Website u get an hint that timecamp would intergrate into zammad. timecamp also advertises that function, but after installing it and setting it up, i dont get any kind of integration.
so either the website ( Time Recording | Zammad Features has to be corrected or something is wrong with that feature:)
thanks for ur help

Have you enabled the feature? It is off by default.

Also verify which ticket states and groups it applies to. Then when a ticket that matches that criteria is closed, you should receive the popup.

Check the documentation: Time Accounting — Zammad documentation

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the internal time accounting function is a and working fine. but as i would like to use an more elobrated time accounting i wanted to try out timecamp, that is advertisted on zammad - but as i stated there isnt any real integration.
so either i am not configuring my system right or the website should be changed;)

This is what our website (zammad.com) says:

As it’s a third party plugin you may want to check their website that tells you on how to hook it up:

thx - as this function isnt really working i would recommending removing that tip on the website of zammad - tried the support of timecamp and never got an real answer

I notified PR. We’ll see what happens, thanks for your Feedback and sorry for the trouble caused.

So we removed the missleading text from the time accounting page from our end.

Let me tell you how this works (because I had to verify it anyway…).
Timecamp technically is not a Zammad integration but integrates itself into Zammad using a browser extension. The way this works is that the extension adds a play/stop button on top of every ticket. You have to scroll up to start the timer if you have a long ticket.

This provides an extensive listing of what you logged when and why. You can also adjust the timings in that list. Time accountings happen based on projects, the ticket number and title are automatically added via the extension as note but not “project”.

If you activate Zammads on board time accounting, it runs completely stand alone from time camp. So technically you can have two time accountings for the same scope (which is not really a good way). So if you like the TimeCamp approach more, use it instead of the current Zammad time accounting, if the Zammad time accounting is good enough for you, use the onboard approach as it doesn’t require any further accounts etc.

I hope this helps you to understand the scope of both functions better and also that there’s no real integration into the Zammad universe happening.

This also becomes clear when you actually create an account and have a look into the integration list: