Time Tracker 4 Ticket with Customer & Group

Hi, Community and Zammad Team which time counting tools are you using?

At the moment we’re using Kimai and we are not so happy with it.

Our workflow:

  1. Zammad: Agent take the owner ship of Ticket
  2. Kimai -> Jump to the Kimai web Interface
  3. Kimai -> Start Timer
  4. Kimai -> Choose Customer
  5. Kimai -> Choose Projekt
  6. Kimai -> Choose Task
  7. Zammad: Going back on the Ticket
  8. Zammad: Writing what we are doing
  9. Zammad: Copy everything
  10. Kimai: Pasting everything
  11. Kimai: Stop Time clock

What we wish:

  • Time counter startet in Chrome or in Browser in the same screen like Zammad or Zammad integrated ^^.

  • Time counter choose Customer, group and everything from Zammad

  • Export documents for the customer for billing

Some body uses a time clocking / Tracker feature like this?

Perfekt would be to have 3cx integrate but this is an other story ^^.

Thanks a lot
Best regards

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We had this kind of time tracker on several posts on this community.
Especially for start/stop functionalities I also, several times, pointed out possible issues because of Zammads tabbing functionality.

If you forget to stop the time tracking and switch into another ticket tab, the time will still account.
Even worse, if you’d automatically stop that you could also produce incorrect times because you may work on two tickets that depend on each other.

It’s a though one.

Bad times can delete after, forgotten time tracking is more bad ;).
Because after you can not remeber how long you are spending on a ticket.
The missing time tracking with start / stop is the only thing we are missing and really need.

Because of that i try to find with search here in the community a easy tool for time tracking.

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Thank you very much for your explanation and feedback. :slight_smile:

Hi @ll,
we found a solution for Zammad & Kimai :).
To start Time Tracking directly and easy from the ticket.

We using the db field with projectnumber of kimai and then the link into kimai.

Please post for more details then i can explain it more.

Kimai looks nice, i’ll give it a try. thnx

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