Time-shifted sending of responses to a ticket

Hello Team,

from our point of view it sometimes makes sense to send a reply from the agent later and not immediately. It would be great if there would be a setting for this in the future.

Reasons: Depending on the time of day, customers notice emails more or less. Also when it comes to time zones and topics that are not classically only related to IT support. We map any department with Zammad. Even sales, leads, accounting, supplier communication, etc.




We need that feature too. We usually work late and on the weekends but our customers and partners should not know that. In my opinion sending emails at night or on the weekend looks unprofessional.

By scheduling updates to tickets we could eliminate that problem.

Also that could go hand in hand with shared drafts…

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That’s a good hint. Exactly. It’s also about appearing more professional to the outside world.

You could also create the responses as draft and tell an API script to do the rest. :nerd_face:

Yes, ok, but it would be better and more convenient for normal agents if this function could be used and set directly in the software.

Hello MrGeneration, we can’t find a function in the API that could do that.

And what do you mean by draft? Writing a response and not submitting it / updating the ticket?