Time Accounting - Show time per agent in reports


I Decided to put this as a feature request as I’m not 100% sure it’s classified as a support issue or bug.

When Time is entered on a ticket, the Time Accounting “Overviews” or reports show only the owner and time spent on a ticket.
It’s label is Agent, but from what I can tell it Groups all the time into one record for each ticket, and is only using the Owner not Agent.
For example.
Say a ticket has Owner Bob, and agent Bob enters 20 in time accounting.
Then Agent John adds time to this ticket, say 30 in time accouting.
In the Time accounting > Overview > Ticket, shows Bob as the Agent with Time accounting set to 50.

Two feature requests below

  1. Rename Agent on the time accounting to Owner, so it’s obvious they are just the owner of the ticket, not the person who entered the time.

  2. Have another section of reporting on “Agent”, showing how much time each Agent has entered.



Time accouting is a great feature, would be nice to have time spent by agent on a ticket and globally

Hi there,

we are also very interested in this feature. We currently have to access the database hard to evaluate which agent has booked how many hours. A corresponding API that shows who booked how much time and where would be a dream.

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