Time Accounting protocol

Hi, we would like to implement a time protocol of our tickets.

For us, and our customers, it’s very important that they see how much time was spent by a technician on a specific activity within a ticket.

We would also like to export that information into a CSV in the following format: Ticket;Topic;Agent;Time

We’re convinced that this kind of transparency is very useful for our customers.

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Hi, I would like to implement the same as mentioned. What’s more, I would add a checkbox for adding tags too.

I was thinking about feature that will add automatically Time column to .xls exports if Time Accounting is enabled. I tried to extend this feature on my own. Unfortunately, I am not well skilled in Ruby. I guess, it’s just about adding one parameter based on database into scheme for export. In case of tags it will be probably similar.

I know that there is a feature directly in Time Accounting, where I can export .xls containing Agent, Time etc. although I am not able to see attached tags and there is not a same overview like in usual report.

I would really appreciate any progress with that.

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Not sure if I get this wish correct, but I think this already is possible:

When clicking on the arrow, you can download a CSV-File with all tickets and their timeunits.
Or do you mean a complete History per Article?

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Yes, I mean a “complete” History per Article. In fact, I am missing there Tags only.

*how megacomp mentioned below. It’s similar problem on my side, I have different tariffs too and we are solving this via Tags, but Tags aren’t present in downloaded file from Time Accounting. :slight_smile:

We have different Agents working on a Ticket. We have to know how much time on which step we used.
Additionally we have different tariffs on the steps. Actually we work with Text snippetd an count them manually.

For us would be the best, when every step with reportet time would be listed in the downloaded CSV

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Ah thanks both of you for clarification!

How can the development of this feature be accelerated? Maybe by sponsoring this specific feature?

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sorry for the delay.
You can contact us at support@zammad.com - we’ll create requirement document to create an offer for that specific feature.I’m sure we’ll find a solution. :slight_smile:


will the solution be available to all users?

For us, and our customers, it’s very important that they see how much time was spent by a technician on a specific activity within a ticket.

We need the solution for our users too.

On custom developments, it’s always up to the paying customer if he want’s to share the feature with the community. We can’t enforce this.

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Hi everyone,

Is there any progress on that? Is there any paying customer? I believe that here is a bunch of people who are able to collect money for this feature, pay it together and obviously share it with the community. :slight_smile: I suppose that it’s nothing hard to implement it, in case that I am talking about an export including tags. I can do it on my own via API in Python, although it would’t be suitable for the others. :smiley:

As far as I’m aware there currently is no customer that wants us to implement this.

If you find a group of people willing to throw money into one pot, I think it sureley will be no problem.

I also found no requirenment form on our side, so this proberbly was never requested by any customer official.

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