Time Accounting need to be developed more!

Hello. Time Accounting is important for us. We need it. Please make it really useful.
Currently I do not see:

  • any “time units” in ticket export to excel
  • any “time units” in reporting

How can you speak with customer about how much time you spend on cases?

By using the time accounting export function for CSVs that does exactly give that information if needed.

Ouch! Who can only think…
Problem with UI.
You need to know, what black arrow - Export to Excel with Time Accounting.

Really, why you can not add simple words (Export to Excel) near this arrows?

It’s also documented :slight_smile:
If the documentation is too bad in this case, a pull request is welcome! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I can’t provide further information on “why the UI is the way it is” :wink:

Thank you. I’m just not good at reading manuals to UI.
Case closed.

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