Time accounting associated to single notes instead of grand total

Hi everyone,

I saw different requests related to the time accounting feature, but none asked this specific feature.

It would be very useful in order to manage more effectively the time spent on a ticket:

  • associate time accounting to every note of a ticket, not only as a grand total associated to the ticket
  • show the time amount next to the note and make it editable at any time
  • allow the hh:mm format

The requested features can solve the following problems in the current implementation:

  • is difficult to correct a mistake in the time compilation if not immediately detected, in case of multiple notes
  • a mistake immediately detected can only be fixed with a hack (adding a second note with negative time amount)
  • cannote be tracked the amount of time spent on every operation (ideally associated to a note) needed to close the ticket

The proposed feature allow to track the time for every operation spent on a ticket, such as:

  • note about operation 1 - 00:20
  • note about operation 2 - 01:30
  • note about operation 3 - 99:00

And also to detect and fix mistakes on the time amount associated with a single note (see operation #3 on the example above).

Your software is great, thank you

You’re mixing several feature requests, this might lead to unexpected results if we someday decide to adapt functionality.

Anyway, please note that Zammad does provide single accounted times within it’s ticket history.
It’s not just a bare total amount.-

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