Tiff images from "Apple Mail"-Emails can't be displayed in User Interface in browsers other than Safari

If a user sends a request via the Email Channel using Apple Mail and has cut and pasted images into the mail inline of the emails text, the images will be attached to the email as TIFF files. Within Zammad UI, the ticket will be displayed correctly in Safari browser with all the images perfectly in the text, but no images are shown in browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox, due to these browser have no TIFF support (Safari has TIFF support)-

To fix this upon import the tiff attachments would need to be converted to PNG. I can’t find any option in the documentation nor any code that could do this. Is there an other workaround? It’s quite hard to prevent users sending emails to use specific Email clients, OS or attaching images in a certain way and also tricky to have every one using the system as supporter, developer using Safari to be able to see all images.

Zammad does not touch / convert images at all.
What you want to do thus is not possible as of now.

Looking through the codebase of Zammad i have already seen that Zammad does not touch images. But since it is quite a use case that Apple Mac users will send in requests via Apple Mail and TIFF attachments, it would be needed as feature. Do I need to open a feature request?

Yes, I’m afraid you’ll need to open a feature request on this forum. Sorry.

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