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I am testing zammad in a search of a new “ticketing” system and from what I can see it is a powerful tool, so congratulations on your work.

Currently we are using openproject which is more project oriented and not so much helpdesk oriented and that is why we are looking for alternatives (before that we used Jira). Both Openproject and Jira have one big advantage over Zammad and that is overview of tickets, which is really basic in Zammad (and it should be one of most important things in any “ticketing” software).

Please consider adding the following features:

  1. configurable dashboard or kaban board. I really miss some sort of ticket overview dashboard. For example on the left new tickets, on the right pending tickets, bellow last modified tickets so that admin can have more complete overview of situation.

  2. Overview filters
    Currently you can set different overviews in admin and assign that to different users/groups which is great but I miss additional filtering in overviews. For example it would be nice to have one overview for all open with the possibility to filter tickets by owner on frontend (no need to have one overview for each employee to see tickets by employee - or for every company separate overview )

  3. parent/child view in overviews. I know you can link two tickets in parent-child relation but that relation is not visible in overview. A lot of times main task/project is divided into smaller tasks i.e. child tickets and currently no clear overview is available.



I definitely do second that, that would be amazing. Although zammad is not openproject and I would not expect it to look identical, I would really love to have a better overview regarding ticket relations parent to child.


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