Ticket with custom state not visible as customer

Used Zammad Version



  • Installation method: package
  • Operating system ubuntu 20.04
  • Database + version: postgresql 12.18
  • Elasticsearch version: 7.17.21
  • Browser + version: Edge 124.0.2478.97

Actual behaviour

After adding a new custom ticket state, the state is shown in the agent screen for ticket editing and in the agents overview.

The new ticket with custom state is not visible when a customer is logged in and looking at his overview, when switching back to a standard state like ‘open’ the ticket reappears under the customers overview.
The ticket is correctly assigned to him.

It does not matter which type of state we create, this happens with all states.

Expected behaviour

Tickets with a custom state should also be visible when a customer is logged in via the web portal.

Steps to reproduce the behaviour

Create custom state
Assign custom state to ticket and customer
login as customer
ticket is not visible

as soon as a standard state is used the ticket reappears

For clarification I added some screenshots :slight_smile: Hopefully this helps understanding what I am trying to express. (remove the space in ‘http s’)

I was not able to attach or embed those pictures directly

A ticket with a factory / standard state is both visible for agent an customer:

http s://i.ibb.co/N71rVvX/agent-open.png

http s://i.ibb.co/0K44TyV/customer-open.png

a ticket with a custom state is only visible for the agent

http s://i.ibb.co/qDgFy31/agent-custom.png

http s://i.ibb.co/6Z6wJp0/customer-custom.png

Hi @slplss. Does restarting your Zammad instance helps? I cannot reproduce it.

Hello Florian,

I can check it next week and will provide you the feedback.

Thanks for looking into this.

Regards from southern Germany <3


Hello @fliebe92 ,

Restarting zammad sadly does not resolve the issue. I proactively updatet to version 6.3.1 but this does not change the behavior.

The current situation is still:

  1. Assigned agent can see the ticket with custom state
  2. Customer cannot see the ticket with a custom state

Best Regards and a good start for this week,

Hi @slplss. Do you have a CoreWorkflow in place that hides/show only specific states to customers? I cannot reproduce it, sorry.

Hi @fliebe92,

Ha!!! This pushed me in the right direction, of course you also need to enable the new state in the overview: my_tickets


After adding the new custom states, the ticket is not visible to the customer!

Horray and thanks for your input :slight_smile:

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Of course I meant, that the ticket is now visible to the customer :slight_smile: