Ticket State Question

  • Used Zammad version: 2.8.0
  • Used Zammad installation source:Dev
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: any

May I know if there is workaround, I want is when I already update the ticket using the Pending Reminder and the customer replied the ticket state is remain to Pending Reminder and not to open.

Or i need to create new ticket state?

I already tried to create new ticket state using the command in documentation but still change to open when customer replied.

Thank you

You can do this with the Scheduler…


I will try … thank you Sir @MrGeneration

T__T not work Sir @MrGeneration

You need a trigger for this.

Action - is - updated
Sender - is - customer

State - open

Or do you want the ticket to remain in the pending reminder state?
I guess you want this. Maybe try a trigger like that then (untested):

Action - is - updated
Sender - is - customer
State - pending reminder

State - pending reminder


Thank you Sir @dvnkln but I noticed that if use the Pending reminder in trigger you will need also to add the pending till or else macro not work,

my concern in pending till is you need to set in specific date…

Regarding the trigger

I’m not absolutely certain, but I think that triggers are missing the required functionality to do this. I attempted it with the folllowing trigger:


  • State is: pending reminder
  • Action is: updated
  • Sender ist: Customer
  • Type is: email


  • Tags: add: pending_reminder_test

Then I set a mail to pending reminer till a month, and then I replied to that ticket with my private email addess. The ticket is now open, and doesn’t have the pending_reminder_test tag. The trigger probably only triggers after the customer mail has been processed and the state has already changed from pending reminder to open, and therefore doesn’t trigger.

There is a “has changed” trigger, but you can only set it to “State: has changed”, and not to something like “State: has changed from: pending reminder to: open”, so that doesn’t really help.

There’s also the problem that the “pending till” timestamp is lost as soon as the state changes. Maybe it would be sensible for Zammad to keep the “pending till” value even when the state changes to something other than “pending reminder”? That would ensure that the value can be restored when the state changes back to “pending reminder”.

Regarding the actual problem

I’ve talked to our sales agents, and they are also afraid the the loss of the pending state on customer replies might pose a problem for us - while we do want to tickets to revert to “open” when the customer replies (so you can actually see it in your overview), there should be an easy way to put it back to “pending reminder” without having to specify the pending till date again.

IMO the best solution would look something like this (excuse my rather crappy mockup):

  • If the agent has no need to reply, he simply clicks on “Revert” and the ticket immediately returns to “pending reminder” with the correct pending date
  • If the agent then changes his mind and sees a need to reply, the ticket will remain in “pending reminder”
  • If the agent has already replied, he can still click the “Revert” button to put the ticket into the “pending reminder” state
  • If the agent doesn’t need to return the ticket to the “pending reminder” state, he can dismiss the notice.

A possible workaround in the meantime

When I started to evaluate Zammad, I didn’t realize that there was a “pending reminder” state, and so I just built it myself:

  • Add a field “followup” of type date to the Ticket object
  • Set your preferred default time diff
  • Add the following scheduler:

Name: Followup
Day/hour/minute: I just checked everything, but once per day would probably be enough for type date


  • Followup [before (relative)] [1] [Minute(s)]


  • State: open
  • Followup:

Then just close the ticket, put your followup date in the followup field, and that’s it. It should be reopened when the date is reached, and it won’t break when customers reply.

Sweet mockup Sir @martin.von.wittich , this is near feature is i want to see in zammad regarding pending reminder , but i want to achieve is if you set the pending reminder and the customer replied automatic you will received notification but the state is still in pending reminder and only a Agent can change the state.

Thank you Sir I really appreciated your reply and you understand my question.

More Power and God Bless

That seems rather dangerous to me. A notification is easy to miss, and tickets in the pending reminder state are pretty much invisible until the pending date is reached. The way you want it to work IMO has a significant risk that customer replies are overlooked; depending on the pending till date (is it a few days? weeks? maybe even months?), that could result in a big window where the customer doesn’t get any response to his repeated mails at all.

I would therefore always want that the ticket returns to the open state (or maybe a special intermediate state, something like “open (was pending reminder)”?) so that it is guaranteed that the agents will notice the new reply.

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Ah my bad, I missread the question - sorry!
You currently cannot achieve this.

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