Ticket state: pending customer information

hello. “Frequently case solving process looks like ping-pong game between customer and support person, and for this “pending customer information” ticket state are in use, and client need to get notification by email. Is it possible to do in Zammad?”
This question I got from our manager, who asks for helpdesk setup in our firm.
P.S. And why do you not implement this feature?

You can add it yourself …


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Hello. I added “pending customer feedback” ticket state to test instance of Zammad (Centos 7, install from package, zammad 3.2.x - latest).
After agent set “pending customer feedback” ticket disappears from all default queues for agent, but it is ok, I can add new queue for “pending” tickets. but! in customer view with “my tickets” and “my org tickets” this ticket are vanish/disappears too.so, what is going on with “pending” state and customer views?
P.S. Also, when agent selects pending date it is dark background and dark current date marker. Very uncomfortable.

Sorry, I got it. I need to add new state to standard overviews.
It would be nice, if documentation contain more detailed descriptions on what to do and how …

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Pull requests are always welcome. :slight_smile:
We don’t just add newly added states to selections, because it might lead to unexpected behaviour (or even unwanted).

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