Ticket state closed/open - mandatory pending til


  • Used Zammad version: 4.1.0-87
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker-compose
  • Operating system: centos
  • Browser + version: 92.0.1 20210922161155

Expected behavior:

  • picking the ticketstate (open/closed) e.g. offen/geschlossen should hide the window pending til

Actual behavior:

  • Pending Til is mandatory even on a selection of open/closed

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • opening a ticket and choosing the ticket closed/open state


I tried updating the environment to 5.0.1-3 but the zammad-init failed due to an invalid email. So I downgraded the system back to an old version to fix said email.

Quick update:
I accessed the railsconsole following the guide in Working with ticket information — Zammad System Documentation documentation

irb(main):026:0> attribute = ObjectManager::Attribute.get(object: 'Ticket',name: 'pending_time',)
=> #<ObjectManager::Attribute id: 7, object_lookup_id: 2, name: "pending_time", display: "Pending till", data_type: "datetime", data_option: {"future"=>true, "past"=>false, "diff"=>24, "null"=>true, "translate"=>true, "options"=>{}, "relation"=>"", "permission"=>["ticket.agent"]}, data_option_new: {}, editable: false, active: true, screens: {"create_middle"=>{"-all-"=>{"null"=>false, "item_class"=>"column"}}, "edit"=>{"-all-"=>{"null"=>false}}}, to_create: false, to_migrate: false, to_delete: false, to_config: false, position: 41, created_by_id: 1, updated_by_id: 1, created_at: "2018-01-02 08:58:16", updated_at: "2021-10-12 11:18:30">

There is no required/shown_if set. Trying the commands:

>> attribute.data_option[:required_if][:state_id] = Ticket::State.by_category(:pending).pluck(:id)
>> attribute.data_option[:shown_if][:state_id] = Ticket::State.by_category(:pending).pluck(:id)

resulted into this error message:

irb(main):035:0> attribute.data_option[:required_if][:state_id]=Ticket::State.by_category(:pending).pluck(:id)
Traceback (most recent call last):
        1: from (irb):35
NoMethodError (undefined method `[]=' for nil:NilClass)

In Zammad 5.x Core Workflow began to be responsible for pending till display.
We did update the documentation to reflect that and by now also allow you to built workflows for date pickers etc to have an approach to display or hide the field along with the mandatory flag.

This means the attribute.data_option ... approach is no longer working nor needed.

If you’re having a default installation and the meta information don’t update correctly UI wise you may want to update to the latest stable version and re-check again.

If the issue persists it may either be a caching issue or possibly dying websockets.
If you have a firewall on the way to your Zammad server that loves to kill / eat websockets, you may want to have a look at this ,page:

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