[Ticket] Shared Ownership

As an Agent, I want to have an access to the ticket after passing it to another department (group), to know the issue status.

Here I found Freshdesk solution for the exact problem: Shared Ownership Ticketing - Freshdesk.
Short functionality overview: “Customer support as a function requires collaboration with multiple teams across the organization. With the Shared Ownership ticketing feature, you can now share a ticket with another agent without compromising on your access to the ticket”


Any update on this? This would be great to be able to add a CC or additional owner to a ticket

Seems to be planned for a near future release.
I testet the develop 3.7, there I could not find the feature yet.

I hope for a soon release, we are hiring employees and with every more employee, working with tickets becomes harder without being able to follow foreign tickets.

This is not entirely true.
We do have something planned on the stack, however, shared ownership as mentioned on freshdesk will not work exactly like that.

If you do not have access to the group the ticket lays in, you have no chance.

Looking for a functionality like this as well. We now resorted to creating a separate groups for tickets shared between two departments.

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