Ticket-search in link ticket-mask

  • Used Zammad version: 2.5.x
  • Customer request in ticket#1024135

Actual behavior:
Currently you can only see the most recently opened and customer tickets in the mask to link one ticket to another. However, if the ticket you are looking for cannot be found there, you are flying blind.

Proposal for improvement
A ticket search function within this mask, in which you can search for ticket contents. Zammad will then load a list of applicable tickets, similar to the existing list from which you select the corresponding ticket (RECENT CUSTOMER TICKETS & RECENT VIEWED TICKETS).

It would be even better if the search could be limited by search criteria (status, owner,…).

For example:
Freetext: keyword xy
Status: closed
–> Show all closed tickets containing the word “keyword xy”


seems to be the same request or at least the same direction.


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