Ticket Response from an API

I am looking to integrate an external API with the tickets created. The basic idea is that if the API is able to respond to the query created it should respond appropriately for the ticket. If the ticket is from channel email, it should respond to the email. If it is from chat, it should respond to the chat. If it is from channel telegram it should respond to it.

TLDR; version:-> API responds to the ticket instead of humans.

I am Rails developer and have good grasp of MVC being used. Although the codebase of zammad is huge. Can anyone tell me how to implement something like this and which files to modify in order to achieve this?

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I am thinking of setting up a trigger in the file triggers.rb and which takes place when the new ticket is created/updated. It sends a request to another server with all details, that server then calls an API for responding to that ticket.

Is this the right way to handle this problem?

I honestly don’t know - but @thorsteneckel surely does if he finds some spare time. :slight_smile:

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I am awaiting for his response. Now, I think this can be handled directly from the rails controller logic. { tickets_controller.rb }

Zammad code is pretty amazing. I am completely awed by it! Thanks for making it open source.

Hi! Honestly I don’t really understand your use case but the REST API can do everything the SPA JavaScript App can do (which is only a consumer of the REST API).

I want to respond to the tickets not from the UI/UX but from artificial intelligent API. So, a ticket gets responded from an API instead of human manually typing in the queries.

As Thorsten wrote above: This works.The Webapp does actually do the same.

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