Ticket Reopen by auto responder (oof)

  • Used Zammad version: Zammad Version 5.2.3
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Centos 7
  • Browser + version: Chrome 107.0.5304.107

Hi, i have a question about the Ticket Reopening behavior.

Expected behavior:

We have a group in Zammad where closed tickets get the status “new” when receiving an “out of Office” message from the costumer.

Actual behavior:

When receiving an Outlook “Out of Office” message, a closed ticket is not reopened


Is there any way to change this behavior?
It would also be OK if it would apply to the complete Zammad installation.

Thank you for your help.

I don’t want those Auto Reply’s to create or add to tickets. I have an email filter in Zammad to ignore those messages.

mainly anything where the subject contains: Automatic Reply and the action to ignore them.

Our bigger problem is that a “thank you” or something still causes new or reopened tickets.
There are more filters needed.

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We get the Thank You as well, but we have accepted those emails. We simply reclose the ticket. I know it’s not what many others want, but that is a more difficult item to filter out.

But that could also solve your Problem.
I think it should be three options:

  1. Reopen Ticket on answer. Very bad to us, as we bill closed tickets and reopening can cause billing the accounted time again.
  2. Open New Ticket. You will have a lot of Spam “thank you” and auto answer Tickets.
  3. Do not reopen, send an Email to Customer “Thank you. This Ticket was closed. If your ticket was not solved, please open a new ticket by answering this Mail / Clicking this Link / Whatever”. The Customer can decide himself.

I’m all for options, as different options work for different people.

For us, opening a new ticket makes it more difficult if more work needs to be done. Really the only option is Reopen the ticket.

Perhaps suggest it as a feature, and hopefully enough people agree and it gets added to a future release.

We have no problem with so-called “Thank You” responses at the moment.

Our problem is that closed tickets are not reopened on “Out of Office” messages.

I’m not sure I understand. Do you want the closed tickets to be re-opened with the out of office emails?

When you receive a reply from the customer, the ticket is re-opened?

When you receive the auto reply (out of office) the ticket is NOT re-opened?

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Hi Sal,

yes that’s correct. A auto reply does not re-open a closed ticket.

Does the auto reply make it to the inbox?
Does Zammad mark it as read?
Are there any filters that are ignoring it?

That’s strange that only the auto-reply doesn’t re-open. I would think you have a filter in place to prevent it from creating a ticket.

The the auto-reply is processed normally. It is also displayed in the ticket. Only the status of the ticket is not set to “open”.

If I reply with a “normal” email, the status is set to “open”.

To be honest, I’d be happy with that. I don’t want auto reply to open a ticket. Why it isn’t opening it, I’m not sure. It would open tickets in my install until I setup the filters.

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