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Hi all,

i am currently viewing all the open tickets on a bigger television combined with a raspberry pi.
Is there any option to hide the navigation bar?

I would like to hide everything in the Red area and just show the blue area stretched over the whole width of the television.

Perfect would be something like a command for the link to the overview:
For example:

Couldnt find any solution for this yet.

Everything else is working perfectly.

Thanks in advance!

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The solution for this would be custom CSS if you don’t need it on just one device.
Neither than less, I can’t see your use case (because you’re basically removing everything for configuration and navigation).

Could you please describe your use case?

I guess the use case is some kind of plain “open tickets monitoring” hanging in some room where all agents can see it.
They probably still have their own workstations where they can fully manage everything they want to.

Some people probably do it like that :man_shrugging:
I like the idea even though i wouldn’t do it myself.


svnr-dvnkln is right, we would like to display the ticket overview at a bigger screen haning on a wall.
Since we dont have any input device on that device, the navigation bar is kinda useless for this device.
Any agent got the helpdesk on their workstation, the feature above is just for the overview.

Maybe our API would be a suitable workaround for the situation?
This also allows you to apply stylings that you might want to do for hightlighting e.g. escalated tickets (making them bigger, give them a warning color etc).

Just as an idea.
API-Docs can be found here: https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/api-intro.html

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