Ticket Object from type Text > URL

Hi all,

The custom object are very useful and could help us a lot customizing the ticket system. But there is one object type, I don’t understand how it is supposed to work.

It is the object from type text > URL. To create one, go to System > object manager > create. Choose format=text and type=URL.

Once the object has been created, it displays a textfield in the ticket sidebar. But no matter what I enter and no matter what type of user rights I choose, the field will always be a text field. It never turns into a clickable URL.

So, how do I create an object that lets me enter a URL and once entered chances this into a clickable URL?

Thanks for your ideas and help.


From the customer view, the link is also just a text field.

We would like to have a clickable URL but that seems not being possible at the moment.

@thorsteneckel Is there something planned in the near future?


Hi @ecomsilio - the object manager attributes will go through a major refactoring by (probably) end of the year. I think we should add this functionality while working on the code. Could you please create an issue for it and refer to this thread? Thanks!

Hi @thorsteneckel
I have submitted to “issues” at github. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks! I labeled those accordingly. We will handle them while we refactor the Object Manager Attributes :racing_car:

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