Ticket Notification Subscriptions in Webhook Object/Endpoint


I’m trying to get information on users who have notification subscriptions for a case/ticket. Preferably it would be nice to see a list of users subscribed to notifications in the webhook object.

Is this info in the webhook payload and I’m just missing it? Or perhaps there’s an API endpoint where I can get this information?

Here is the notification subscription I’m referring to…

Hoping the list of subscribers shows up in the webhook payload…


OK - answering my own question here.

After some inspection of the browser network traffic, I discovered these are called “mentions” and they don’t show up in the Webhook payload.

When receiving the Webhook payload, you then have to make an API call to /api/v1/tickets/{ticket_id}?all=true

The “all=true” get parameter is important.

In the response, at assets.Mention - loop thru the array of objects and there is a user_id

Then you can go to assets.User.{user_id} and get the object of each user subscribed to ticket notifications.

As far as I can tell this is only way to get the list of users subscribed to ticket notifications.

Any better ideas out there?