Ticket-Link in email

How can I put a link from a ticket into a trigger or schedule mail?

Is there a special formatting for this?

I tried a link + #{ticket.id} but I can’t get a proper link to the actual ticket.

Why do I need this, I want to send a link to the ticket in the respective email.

Thank you very much for your support.

  • Used Zammad version: 6.3.1-1720156707.17f20fad.jammy
  • Operating system: linux
  • Browser + version: chrome Version 126.0.6478.127


the link to the ticket is as follows


At least in my triggers.


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Ok thank you for youre reply.

Hm that is what I am had until I notice the link still every time the same.

But now I try this maybe I had a typos.

I dont know why. It works. I had exactly this configuration line in the trigger, had compared it again. But it didn’t work. I can’t explain it. Many thanks for the quick help.

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