Ticket layout based on role

As I am new into the world of Zammad, I came very soon to the proplem, that I have different customers. And I need different informations from each of them, while also their tickets come in different usecases to me. So to show every ticket object to every customer would be unnecessary and also we don’t want every customer to see everything.

To my need:
instead of only having ticket.customer and ticket.agent it would be nice to have more options.
Then the objects could be assigned to each Customer or group of customers in the same place.

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I’m also looking for similar functionality, can we add more options to define permissions for the fields?

Custom Forms for ticket creation this is another Topic that was opened, but apparently never got a real answer.
I founde out, that over the last year there were a few more requests like this, but most of them were closed without any further info.
@MrGeneration could you tell me if this is something you guys are working on or that this might come in the future? It could be, that this is crucial for us.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, I can’t provide further information on this topic.
Maybe @thorsteneckel can, if he finds spare time.

Hey @ldulz and @anon25298331 - welcome to the community! Unfortunately this a use case we can’t cover at the moment. However, we’re planning to increase the flexibility of forms a lot. Since it’s a very complex and comprehensive task that is more of an advanced feature we have no plans on adding this to the next versions. Unfortunately I can’t give you any date. We currently focus on changes from which 80% of our user base take profit. This one doesn’t apply.

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We totally support this need! Means we need this as well… :slight_smile:

Is there any new state @thorsteneckel?