Ticket from "pending reminder" to "open" after E-Mail from customer


I have a problem. :wink:
We are using the state “pending reminder” if we know that we can solve a ticket not before date xxx
In this case, we send an email to the customer with the information that we will contact him on date xxx and set the ticket state to “pending reminder”.
If the customer sends now an answer like “thank you…” the ticket stat is changed back to “open”.
Can I change this?

Is it possible to complete disable the “auto-open” feature without the option that a new ticket will be create?

This is a normal behavior. When a customer responds, the system will set the state to open for you to notify you. Else you won’t recognize the new information from the customer like ‘I could resolve the issue myself’ or something else. Sure there will always be some responses like ‘thank you’ or ‘hurry up ;-)’.
If you can solve a ticket in 2 weeks and the customer responds that he could solve the problem himself or the advices you gave before had been helpful, you can close the ticket. Else it will be closed in two weeks and raise your ticket times until it is solved.

Thank you.
It is not like we use a helpdesk system… but it is impossible to find a program that will work perfect for every one-
Now I only have to explain this the helpdesk team :wink:

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