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I am not entirely sure whether this is the right subsection to ask this. It is not so much a feature request as a request about a feature. We are looking into combining zammad with our ERP. We are able to import XML files into our ERP.

Correct me if I’m wrong, what I gathered from the docs and the forum it is possible to export tickets as xlsx or creating a PDF. What I was wondering about is whether zammad can also export XML files that we need? If not, are there other export options aside from PDF and xlsx?

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Neither of the export versions you mentioned above do work.

What does work is to use the API of Zammad. It gives you access to all parts that would be necessary to do something like that and could help you to communicate with your ERP.

Personally I think that those export wishes (apart from maybe PDF-Export) are more island like solutions for a very small user base because you need something very specific. (I can be wrong here :slight_smile: )

If your ERP is capable of working via API (or even fetching data) I think this will help you better.

You can find further information about our API here:

@MrGeneration, thank you for the quick response.

Okay. Good to know.

So that would mean writting our own script to communicate with the REST API, correct?

I completely understand. The information required per user can obviously differ a lot.

As far as I know our ERP does not support working via an API, we will be upgrading shortly maybe it will be available from that point, fetching data is possible.

I reckon we will have to write our own “middle man” to retrieve data from Zammad, and translate it to a format our ERP can import.

Thank you again for the clarification.

Thinking about it this will probably not work, will it? REST relies on request/response and thus the “middle man” won’t know what to request.

Hi @THordijk

you might want to take a look at

They have an app for Zammad, XML and lots more. You can set up a scenario that collects Tickets and puts them into an xml file which can then be processed by your other system.

We use it to create project in Toggl and much more.

Hello @ecomsilio,

I had come across it. Will look into it some more and take it into further consideration.

Thank you!

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