Ticket calendar - feature parity with Znuny


I would like to have a Znuny-esque calendar functionality and an interactive calendar view in Zammad to create a change and maintenance calendar with reoccuring appointments that trigger new tickets. We like to document, for example, who did the weekly backup tape rotation within a corresponding ticket.

Our change and maintenance calendar in Znuny:

Maybe a ready2go javascript library that provides a full-featured calendar solution for displaying and managing events in a web application could lower the barrier here. I personally know https://fullcalendar.io - It allows to create interactive and customizable calendars that can be used for scheduling appointments, meetings, tasks, and other events. The OpenProject-Team used fullcalendar for it’s new team planner module so they don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to browser based calendars and it came out pretty neat :slight_smile: