#{ticket.articles.first.body} brings HTML Output

Hi. I want to build a Trigger, wich sends the first Article, created by the customer in an Email, to a external Supporter. After long time searching i found #{ticket.articles.first.body} here:

But this Placeholder produces some HTML Output wich is not nice

Is there a way to have the #{ticket.articles.first.body} in a nice format, like as it is in the original Mail? :wink:

Or much better, is there a way to add ALL public Articles to the Email wich is generated by the trigger?



The methods you’re using here are not officially supported and may change at any time. Thus they’re not really future proof at all. Zammad allows you to get the triggering article’s content. That’s what you can rely on (see: Articles — Zammad documentation )
You can perfectly trigger several triggers with “action created” to e.g. contact external third parties. That is if that’s fitting for that moment.

If it’s not then Zammad doesn’t allow you to do what you’re trying to.

hello dirk did you manage it? I am facing the same problem and can’t manage to split the respective string using the <p> objects and then output it afterwards

I wanted to split the string using the <p> elements and then output the respective array value, but I can’t get it to work

No, i gave up on this