Ticket api creation not working


  • Used Zammad version: Latest
  • Used Zammad installation type: Package

I have several script creating tickets.
Since the last days of June the process is no longer working and I’ve started receiving 422 error.

Debugging the scripts I’ve narrow the problem to the option “sender” in the payload no longer working.

Changing it to sender_id the script are working again.

I wanted to know from the devs if there has been changes in the apis and how to be informed in the future about this kind of changes in order to avoid interruption of service.



How about you provide the payload you’ve tried to use with sample data so that people that would want to help you have at least a chance not to guess?

My question was about a very specific field and if there has been any changes at API in the source code but still, here’s the payload.

			"subject":"My subject",
			"from":"test <email@test.com>",
			"body":"<strong>First name and last name</strong>: test<br/>",
		"tags":"som tag"

Right and that very specific field is being used wrong by you.
If you provide an ID you also have to use the ID attribute.

The correct answer was:
“I’m not sure why it was working earlier because i think it isn’t the right way to use the API. Anyhow, there hasn’t been any change in the api source code.”
Not sure why you had to be so aggressive.
Take care.

Absolutely not mate.
The answer basically is this:
Zammad may react stricter on your API calls which is why invalid usage is no longer working.

That is not an issue on the Zammad site but on yours.
Also the documentation does state the correct usage since ages: Articles — Zammad documentation

It even has a working example: Articles — Zammad documentation

Sorry but I’m not taking your attitude and answer with the evidence shown.

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