Text formatting - indentation

Just found one other entry regarding a little bit more formatting for the texts.

I think “indentation” is the correct word (in german I would say “einrücken”).

I would love to see the possibility to get parts of a text offset to the right from the left border of the text. Right now it seams only possible with a couple of space characters.

We just upgraded from 2.6 to 3.4 but still no possiblity for indentation.

Is there a chance to do it somehow in 3.4? If not could it be possible to get this feature in a future build?



This is currently not on our roadmap, sorry.
If you however actually mean “quotation” on existing answers then this is already possible.

Edit: I couldn’t find an enhancement issue nor another feature request on this board. So this may be the reason why this hasn’t moved at all. However, this is dependend on the new text editor of Zammad which will come in the future.

No ETA though, as it’s blocked by other stuff that’s required before.

Thanks for the answer.

Hope, this will be edited in the future. I would really like to have the possibilty to indent text

       If I would try this here, if have to use a couple of spaces - tried it with this sentence. Let`s see, if it will stay this way, if I click on "reply".

It really would give a better overview in tickets and replies to users.

Edit: the spaces put the sentence in a block with a scroll bar - hmm. Strange

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