Text Formatting Improvement

Currently, when copying and pasting text from other sources such as Word documents or emails, formatting such as paragraphs, bullet points, and bold or italic text is lost. This can lead to posts being harder to read and important information being overlooked.

Therefore, it would be great if formatting could be preserved. This would make writing posts easier and also make reading them more pleasant. This would be particularly beneficial for longer posts or even guides.

I hope that you support my idea and that together we can contribute to making the Zammad even more user-friendly.

+1 from me

I also suggest to have basic formatting buttons to make text bold, underline, etc. in the answer buttons and the knowledge Base.

Till then you can use the shorcuts and keystrokes described here to manually change it again:

Since basic formatting is already possible in the textboxes, i hope its not a giant leap to dd a banner with this things.