Template Triggers for quick setup

Title: Template Triggers

  1. What is your original issue/pain point you want to solve?

we are coming from other support systems to Zammad. There we had several templates for notifications of customers and agents. In Zammad there are no or only two template triggers. We are in the opinion that every support company has mostly equal triggers / notifications.

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Setup of Zammd

  1. Why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard?
    the setup it is not comfortable.

  2. What is your expectation/what do you want to achieve?

That we get x template triggers which are mainly used in Zammad for “normal” support companies. It is very easy and quick to implement this from your side without doing any programming.

If there is any more useful information, feel free to share it all (e.g.: mockup screenshots, if something is UI related, or the API URL/documentation URL for a service you need a connection to).

Your Zammad environment:konzeptwerkgmbh / Zammad cloud

  • Average concurrent agent count:
  • Average tickets a day:
  • What roles/people are involved:

Anything else which you think is useful to understand your use case:
Please have in mind that all support companies have often the same cases.

Here are some possible notification scenarios:

Notification of customer:
**[Neues Ticket erstellt]
**[Agent fügt dem Ticket einen Kommentar hinzu]
**[Agent löst Ticket]
**[Agent schließt Ticket]
**[E-Mail bei Benutzeraktivierung]
**[E-Mail zum Zurücksetzen des Passworts]

Notification of agent:
**[Neues Ticket erstellt]
**[Ticket der Gruppe zugewiesen]
**[Dem Agenten zugewiesenes Ticket]
**[Der Anfragende antwortet auf das Ticket]
**[Ticket nicht verfolgt in der Gruppe]
**[Verletzung des SLA zur ersten Antwort]
**[SLA-Verletzung bei Lösungsdauer]
**[Notiz zu Ticket hinzugefügt]
**[Erinnerung für erste Antwort gemäß SLA]
**[Erinnerung für Lösungszeit gemäß SLA]
**[SLA-Erinnerung für die nächste Antwort]
**[SLA-Verstoß bei nächster Antwort]

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