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we are using Zammad in our school for IT requests and I like to implement the Telegrambot. The bot is working fine and users can create tickets. There is just one problem: It seems you can have only one open ticket / per user / telegram bot. So if user A opens a ticket via the telegram bot, he can’t create another ticket, because all his messages append to the first ticket. The user has to wait until the ticket is closed.

Does anybody experienced this behavior? Is there a way to handle concurrent tickets from one user who is using the Telegram bot? Or is this not possible?



Hi Stephan,

actually this is correct. If telegram is used, “we assume” that a user wants the message history until the ticket is closed. Do you have a suggestion how to separate | identify multiple conversations?


Hi Hannes,

thanks for the reply. Hmm…actually I don’t know a good way to separate the tickets. Maybe it is possible to include the ticket number in a message (with a link)?



i really don’t know much about telegram or the zammad integration with telegram but:

Is it possible to create groups or channels with telegram?

If the user messages the bot a new ticket will be created which leads the bot to creating a group/channel and inviting/adding the user to this group/channel. The name of the group/channel should be something related to the ticket (# and subject?).
Messages inside those groups/channels will be attached to the corresponding ticket.

Just my two thoughts on this, honestly i don’t know how telegram handles groups/channels and if something like this is possible.


One usecase:
Give the bot some buttons and/or command (just like the “start” button on first contact).
It could have buttons like “new ticket”, “My Tickets”, “Open tickets” etc.
So a user can select any (open) prior tickets to resume a ticket or open a new one.

Technicly this is very well possible, yet im no coder myself so i cant provide the code.

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