Telegram Channel doesnt work


  • Used Zammad version: Zammad 3.3.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Server
  • Browser + version: Mozilla Firefox v76.0

Expected behavior:

  • In Telegram chat Zammad should send the Wellcome Message when I send “/start” and when I reply this message show in the Tickets section in Zammad

Actual behavior:

  • When I send “/start” in the Telegram chat with bot I don’t get any response.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create new bot in Telegram channel in Zammad, with API Token of the bot
  • Start a new chat with this bot in Telegram and send “/start” to start the conversation.

When I look in the following address
I get this response
“last_error_message”:“Connection timed out”,

Do I need to enable anything else in Zammad?
Thanks in advance

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I think your Zammad instance cannot accessed from Telegram servers. As you can see


Thanks for your reply @lumpov
Where are the Telegram servers? There are some countries with time out to mi domain.
The Zammad is behing a firewall with only 443 port open, is there another port needed to integrate the Telegram channel with Zammad.

Thanks in advance for your help - there are ip ranges for incoming connections.

P.S. your firewall or firewall of your provider block connections from certain countries, AFAIK.

I’m going to check this IP ranges in my FW or with my ISP.
Thanks @lumpov

@lumpov do you know how I test this API route?
where I get the code “xyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyxyx”?
I try to make a request with #curl command and it gives a error message “No route matches [GET]” and I didn’t find documentation about the function “channel_telegram_webhook”


What is the purpose of this tests? Availability? You must check it on special third-party services like check-host. And I think you don’t need to test full callback url, root of Zammad instance is enough.

Ok, I get it. I’m waiting for the response of the firewall administrator about the ip ranges
And meantime I was trying to understand the whole proccess but it’s ok hehe


Hi there,

I am running Zammad 3.4.x completely standard on Centos 7, as per the installation instructions. When I send the messages from Telegram, the message is not showing in Zammad, and in the Production log shows the following:

Completed 422 Unprocessable Entity in 79ms

I am using a Letencrypt certificate, and the output from<my ctoken/getWebhookInfo is as follows:

{“ok”:true,“result”:{“url”:“",“has_custom_certificate”:false,“pending_update_count”:13,“last_error_date”:1594820476,“last_error_message”:"Wrong response from the webhook: 422 Unprocessable Entity”,“max_connections”:40}}

Please assist, as the Telegram channel is critical to the deployment.


Please open a new thread and provide the full log output that correspondents to this entry.
Zammad definitely logs a lot more - without these information we can’t help you.

Recycling this thread will greatly worsen the overview for other people having issues.

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