Telegram API - No messages arrive

Hello dear community,

Recently, I tried to integrate the Telegram API into Zammad to better manage my support requests. Unfortunately, the integration does not seem to be working, even though I successfully created the API key through BotFather in Telegram and entered it into Zammad.

Although the connection in Zammad is green, the bot is not working and no messages are coming through. Ports 80 and 443 are open in the firewall, and Zammad is accessible from the internet.

I am using the community version of Zammad. Perhaps there are some limitations that could affect the integration of the Telegram API?

Has anyone had similar experiences or can help me troubleshoot? I would be grateful for any hints or tips.

Thank you in advance!

The easiest way to check, beside your production log, is to ask telegram directly.

For this use the following URL and adjust it accordingly to see if telegram has issues with your instance.<BOT-TOKEN>/getWebhookInfo

Replace <BOT-TOKEN> with your actual bot token.

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