Task/Process Sequence

Is there a way to create a task or process sequence?

I will use the example of an exiting staff member - Can this be created as a template?

As part of the exiting process the following tasks need to be completed:

1.Create ticket from template for staff leaving, assign to appropriate person.
2. Collect laptop from staff member.
2. Verify staff member has backed up all appropriate data.
3. Remove groups from account in Active directory and disable their account.
4. Update ticket with appropriate notes.

Once all of the above check boxes were done, I would then close out the ticket. Is this a feature that is already available in Zammad?

That’s not possible in the way you want it.
You can use the API to get close to this, but it’s actually not the workflow we thought of initially. :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response, is this something that is on the horizon?

Could you also clarify what you mean by

Does this mean there is another way to achieve the same goal? (Without using the API)

This is not possible without API, sorry to say.

What you want to do is to fill in extra fields or work with several sub tickets (I’d prefer the second option as you currently can’t select custom objects for special groups).

Our templates can hold information for custom objects, but that’s it.
Not sure if this helps in your usecase.

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