Take turns working on the ticket


  • Used Zammad version: V3.3
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) package
  • Operating system: centos7
  • Browser + version: chrome

Expected behavior:

  • Agent A from departement A receive a ticket ,works on it and he has to passe it to an agent B from departement B.

  • Agents from departement A can’t see the tickets of the agents of departement B

I have seen this link: https://user-docs.zammad.org/en/latest/advanced/suggested-workflows.html , but I think in this case an agentA and agentBshould belong to group A and B in the same time to have permission to work on the same ticket

Actual behavior:

  • agents from different departements can’t works on the same ticket

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Agent A belongs to departementA with Role A
  • Agent B belongs to departementB with Role B

Agent A receive a ticket and has to passe it to agent B but he can’t see list of agents of departmentB

That’s correct. Agents of different can only see a ticket in another group, if they at least have “read” rights. This would enforce your agent to keep the affected ticket open in a tab, because after wards he won’t be able to find it further.

Usually when taking turns it’s not required to restrict your agents from seeing the other groups content.
If it does, you can’t allow them to view the ticket. This is in my opinion technically required, because other wise you’d break restrictions in permissions.

If you’re talking about a ticket the agent is customer in, you’re proberbly talking about “an agent being customer” which currently is not supported by Zammad. However, we have a pooling running for this situation: Feature: Allow agents being customer in other groups they don't have access to

I hope I understand you correctly, if not, lemme know.

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