System notifications email address blacklist / spam

I can’t seem to find it, but I thought I read somewhere that it was inadvisable to use a regular email for system notifications. It suggested the volume of email sent could result in the domain getting on spam black lists.

I’m wondering if that is accurate. Is it best practice to use an outside mail service like mail gun or something similar? I’d prefer to just leave as I have it configured now, which is a main email for a domain I own configured with smtp settings. At the upper end I can’t imagine having more than 100 emails sent in a single day. Thanks for any input.

If you’re talking about an email volume of 100 mails - really, don’t bother at all.
When we’re talking about “fairly high” or “high” volume, we’re talking about 2000, 5000, 10000.

As you didn’t care to provide any further context, it’s very hard to provide any more specific information.

Yeah in hindsight this question may be outside the scope of zammad specifically. I ended up configuring with an smtp anyways, so I can use their free tier, and if I exceed that then I probably want to be on the relay anyways.

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