System Monitoring Error 422 Not loading


  • Used Zammad version: 6.3.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 22.04
  • Browser + version: Chrome 126.0.6478.127

After the Update to Version 6.3.1 Zammad does not load the System Monitoring Site. All other functionalities seem to work just fine, only the system health site is stuck at loading

Expected behavior:

  • Zammad should load the System Monitoring site

Actual behavior:

  • Stuck at loading

Trying to acces the API Health site:


I, [2024-07-07T15:45:29.261303#407540-149900]  INFO -- : Processing by MonitoringController#health_check as JSON
I, [2024-07-07T15:45:29.261321#407540-149900]  INFO -- :   Parameters: {"_"=>"1720366471439"}
E, [2024-07-07T15:45:29.279898#407540-149900] ERROR -- : PG::UndefinedTable: ERROR:  relation "failed_emails" does not exist
LINE 9:  WHERE a.attrelid = '"failed_emails"'::regclass
lib/monitoring_helper/health_checker/failed_email.rb:8:in `run_health_check'
lib/monitoring_helper/health_checker/backend.rb:13:in `check_health'
lib/monitoring_helper/health_checker.rb:13:in `block in check_health'
lib/monitoring_helper/health_checker.rb:12:in `check_health'
app/controllers/monitoring_controller.rb:34:in `health_check'
app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:17:in `block (4 levels) in <module:HasDownload>'
app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:16:in `block (3 levels) in <module:HasDownload>'
app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:15:in `block (2 levels) in <module:HasDownload>'
app/controllers/application_controller/handles_transitions.rb:16:in `handle_transaction'
I, [2024-07-07T15:45:29.281543#407540-149900]  INFO -- : Completed 422 Unprocessable Entity in 20ms (Views: 0.1ms | ActiveRecord: 6.6ms | Allocations: 12080)`````

Smells like open database migrations.
Running zammad run rake db:migrate should fix that - make sure to restart Zammad after it run migrations.

Thanks that was itπŸ‘

Closing this now!

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