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i got the following Problem with some of our System Mail Adresses (MDM for Example). If they send a Information to our Helpdesk E-Mail Adress to inform us about events, a Ticket will be created which is correct.

Now i created a Trigger for our Customers, that they get a Mail that that a Ticket was created and closed. That works fine so far.

But now my Problem: The Mails from out System will be send from a smtp-relay and i get a Mailer Daemon Error. Can i filter this System Mail Adresses in one Trigger?

The Trigger looks like this:

I found the following Condition in the Trigger:

If i set this Condition, will there no mail send if the domain is

No, that won’t solve your problem.
Domain is for organizations so it will ignore the E-Mail domain.

Actually you could create an custom object (User-Object) like “autoreply” which is by default set to yes.
You add the clause autoreply is not no to your autoreply trigger and then change the user account in question from autoreply=yes to autoreply=no and the problem should be solved.


my problem is that the part before the @ ist everytime custom. Here a Example:

and so on. So i need a way to block the Trigger if the domain ist “

Edit: The Title is always the same and now i filtered it over the Title. Thank you very much for your Ideas and Help :slight_smile:

Edit 2: If i filter over the Title, is there a way to define multiple Conditions? For Example:

if Title contains Iphone or Android then Group is Mobile Device Support?

You can use Regex - but only within the postmaster filter, not triggers!


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