Switch to, or also support, Zinc as text index server instead of ElasticSearch


My question is simple. I do not know how complex it is to realise but here goes:
Elasticsearch is a memory beast. And last week I learned of the existence of Zinc (GitHub - zinclabs/zinc: Zinc Search engine. A lightweight alternative to elasticsearch that requires minimal resources, written in Go.), who they claim is an in place replacement for Elasticsearch, but written in Go instead of Java and much lighter on resource usage.

Now, I can install Zinc on my server and easily switch to see if it works, but no doubt you guys have a CI/CD and tests that can be run.

So, I think it would be much easier if someone at Zammad would spend an hour installing Zinc (5 minutes work) and run some test based on your vast knowledge of the Zammad application.

My feature request would be: since Elasticsearch is a memory beast would it be possible to (also) support Zinc as a search backend for all those mere mortals who don’t want to spend 64G on a text index server?

Kind regards,
Jeroen Baten