Support Messanger WhatsApp, Signal and Threema

More and more customers require support communication via WhatsApp, Signal and Threema.
Currently there is a solution approach for OnPrem systems, but not for the cloud solution.

Therefore, it makes sense to support much-used messangers via support, so that support tickets can be created via WhatsApp, etc.

Better customer support can be offered via such a solution.



We’ve been using Zammad for email support tickets, and I’ve been cruising around the forums looking for ways to integrate it with more than just email.

Email is in decline worldwide. Customers just don’t want to wait the average email response times for pressing support issues.

Customers want rapid support so they turn to platforms that can facilitate it - Facebook/IG/Signal/Whatsapp/WeChat/LINE App/Tiktok/Mastodon/Reddit and more. The list is really long and it’s difficult - actually nearly impossible to manage properly - with any size of support team.

A support tool that centralizes all these incoming “chats”, gives them an internal ticket # and a trackable workflow would be awesome. Zammad has all of the back end required to do this! Except the integration process, from what I’ve briefly seen, is really complicated, and the people who are posting here looking for these integrations are not getting followed up by the Zammad team or the response is that there is no interest.

Do the developers want Zammad to be a central piece of the support puzzle?

we use WhatsApp via the twilio SMS Integration, which works fine if you don’t need media support.

But we kind of do need Media also in that channel. Also that 160 char limit is in some way limiting :slight_smile:
Is there a chance that everyone who needs the WhatsApp feature via Twilio could gather here and we place a development request to the Zammad devs (which obvisually needs $$ for that custom integration/ exxtension of that sms integration)?
Best regards